Maybe you just bought your new house. Everything is perfect and exactly what you were dreaming of when you thought about future family dinners, summer nights on the porch watching the kids play in the yard or romantic nights lounging on the couch with our spouse. The windows are big, the rooms are spacious, and it feels like home; except for one thing—the dirty, outdated, wall-to-wall carpeting that looks like it hasn’t seen a vacuum since they were first invented; or maybe you have lived in your house for years and you can’t think of living anywhere else. Each nook and cranny holds a memory of your past—being carried under the threshold of the front door by your new husband, the cries and gleeful squeals of your children echoing throughout the hallways, dinner parties, full of friends and happiness at the dining room table that was once your great grandmother’s. However, perhaps it’s time to create some new memories by replacing the dated tile in the kitchen or refinishing the scratched and stained hardwood floors in your bedrooms upstairs.

So, you decide it’s high time to replace your floors. What type of flooring do you choose: hardwood, carpet, vinyl, bamboo, tile, or laminate? What color do you want? How much money do you want to spend? Should you install it yourself or hire an expert for help? What stains or textures work well with your existing decor? The decision can feel overwhelming, and nobody should take on a big home project like flooring blindly.

Let’s talk about some basics: the first question you should ask yourself is what type of surface are you covering? If you have solid concrete, you can choose any flooring type. On the other hand, if you are covering a different type of surface—such as wood—you may not be able to select certain types of tiles. An expert, like the ones at Pittsburgh Flooring Company, would be able to assist you in learning what type of flooring is good for the surface that you have, or what it would take for you change the surface type in order for you to have the type of flooring that you desire.

Where are you putting the new flooring? If you are replacing a bathroom floor, you most likely do not want to choose carpet, as wet carpet is typically not a good look and it feels weird beneath your feet. Something more water resistant is a must, such as ceramic tile, vinyl, or engineered wood.  If you are replacing the bedroom carpet, are you the type of person that likes the durability and feeling of plush carpet under your feet when you get out of bed, or do you prefer the look and feel of a cool hardwood?  In today’s world, you can do both. You can have the look and feel of a hardwood with the warmth of an area rug.

What about the kitchen? Is it the heart of your home? When you are in the kitchen, do you spend most of your time standing? Vinyl and linoleum are the most common flooring used in kitchens due to the fact that they are moisture-resistant, easy to clean and durable, as well as easy on the feet. Also, they come in many different designs and are an easier do-it-yourself option. However, many people also prefer tile or stone. They can create a fabulous and luxurious look, or even a more contemporary feeling. Like vinyl and linoleum, they are moisture-resistant and easier to clean than other flooring types. However, keep in mind that dirt and grime may be able to get trapped in the grout. For a more classic ambiance, wood may be a great choice for a kitchen. The con with most wood floors is that they are not as spill proof as vinyl, linoleum, or tile. Spills typically need to be cleaned quickly.  However, with the proper upkeep, wood floors can last a life time, has many options available, and has the added ability to be refinished to look like new.

What about playrooms or children’s rooms? In these types of rooms, you would want to choose something durable, easy to clean, and, of course, noise absorbent. The most popular choice for kid’s rooms and playrooms is carpet as carpet is durable, offers stain resistant options and is easy on the ears. However, cork, vinyl, and rubber are also excellent possibilities in comparison to nosier marble, ceramic, or stone. You can also spice things up in your kids rooms with tile carpeting. Mix and match colors to create cool patterns your kids will love playing on!

What do you want to see when you look down? Do want your home to look and be friendly to the environment? If so, cork and bamboo should be at the top of your list. Both of these options can create a warm look, and also be comfortable and extremely durable. Do you want a classic, old world, or antique feel? You can do all of this with plank flooring, which comes in either wood or laminate options. Do you want your home to feel relaxed and homey, or even contemporary and fashionable? Carpet offers many great options and designs and can be easily replaced if and when you change your design sense or mind.

Importantly, how much to you want to spend?  Flooring types such as vinyl and laminate are typically the least expensive. Carpet has many great pricing options. While, natural hardwood, slate, marble, flagstone and granite are a bit more expensive, but they typically have the added benefit of lasting longer than other flooring options.  Additionally, remember that the cost of flooring may not only involve the flooring itself, but could also include required add-ons that are needed for structure, support, padding, noise control, vapor protection or water/moisture resistance. Also, if you are not handy and/or want a professional look, you will need to figure in the cost of installation.

Before deciding on flooring, it’s best to be prepared before making the final decision. Companies with such dedication— like Pittsburgh Flooring Company—can help with guidance, installation, refinishing and aiding to you achieve the look you want at the cost you want. If you are not an expert of flooring, it’s always best to speak with one prior to making a commitment that will change the look and feel of your home. After all, as they say, there is no place like home.

Do you have any questions about Pittsburgh Flooring Company products and services? Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can make your home yours today!