3 Green-Flooring Options for Your Home

a room in the green colors, rendering

We live in a beautiful world, and we’d like to keep it that way. Sometimes, that means rethinking the way we do things, make things, and buy things. This ranges anywhere from food to fuel to clothing to building supplies, and that’s where flooring comes in. If you love the world you live in, here are three of the most eco-friendly flooring options for your home:

If you love tradition, you probably love hardwood floors. They’re strong, long-lasting, beautiful, and renewable. When it comes to hardwood, it’s all about sourcing. Cutting down trees is not a bad thing, but there are wrong ways to do it that can do a lot of harm. Here are three things to consider when it comes to sourcing your hardwood floors:

    1. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) keeps track of forests that are harvested in a responsible manner. If you buy FSC-certified hardwood, you can feel confident that your floors came from a good source.


    1. Reclaimed wood is another good option. There’s a lot of wood in the world that’s already been cut and used, and is begging to be used again!


  1. You can also go to a local sawmill and talk to the people who work there. Find out where they source their wood, and if it’s harvested in an environmentally responsible manner, buy it straight from them.

This is a fairly new player in the flooring game. It’s softer than most hardwood floors, but good quality cork flooring can still stand the test of time. Also, softness can be a good thing when it comes to texture and feel. Maybe it’s exactly what you want! Cork flooring comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, and the trees don’t need to be harvested to obtain the bark. It grows back in about 3 years, making it highly renewable.

Bamboo is a designer’s dream come true because it comes in a vast array of textures and colors. And even though it’s made from a grass, it’s actually harder than some really popular hardwood floors, like maple and red oak. Oh, did I mention that bamboo plants reach maturity in 3-5 years? It’s a green-flooring superstar.

There are lots of other great alternatives, but these are three of the most popular ways to make your home a little more green. They will also look great and last a long time. Give Pittsburgh Flooring Company a call today to get an estimate on your new eco-friendly floor!